Hotel Kumpeli

Hotel Kumpeli


Hotel Kumpeli - Heinola - Finland

Architects: Jaakko Puro

Dark Depth and Black Intensity, colour variations in the Roads collection inspired by asphalt, cover the SPA of the Hotel Kumpeli in Heinola (Finland) designed by architect Jaakko Puro.
Like many other high tech FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti porcelain tiles, Roads explores the material potential of porcelain with an extremely wide range of colours.
In Roads, 8 colours and 3 surfaces (framed, natural and smooth) offer excellent solutions for all kinds of interiors and exteriors, like the ventilated walls and surfaces of wellness areas and SPAs, and the project at the Hotel Kumpeli is a notable example.
Specialising in interior design, with hundreds of public projects in hotels, restaurants and hospitality spaces over the years, Puro has chosen high quality FMG porcelain tiles for a highly expressive aesthetic for both floors and walls.
The technical features of FMG porcelain express themselves to the full in their performance in spaces in contact with water, thanks to their non-slip properties, their easy to clean, hygienic features and the fact that they are hard wearing over time, even when in constant contact with humidity.
The sober, minimalist style of the two darkest colours in the Roads collection contrast with the sensory nature of the spaces dedicated to water and relaxation, offering a pleasant feeling of security and well-being, a touch of refined elegance and modernity.
As in all spaces that aim to create extremely relaxing atmospheres, like wellness and SPA areas, the elegant aesthetics of FMG high-tech ceramics help create a balance, a constant architectural dialogue between the volumes of the surfaces and the many elements, accessories and furnishings.
In the Hotel Kumpeli, this balance is achieved between natural elements like water, wooden walls, ceilings and tables, the light that enters through large windows and pervades the interiors in a close relationship with relaxing music, the soft lights of candles, plants and statues.

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