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ACTIVE SURFACES® ceramic surfaces for floors and walls offer unique features to improve the well-being and safety of spaces and those who live in them, combining them with the highest aesthetic and technical values.
They are materials that add permanent health and hygiene benefits to the beauty of design, offering designers, public administrations, entrepreneurs and families the opportunity to make more conscious and forward-looking choices for their buildings.
ACTIVE SURFACES®is an example of 100% Italian excellence and success resulting from ten years of research and development conducted by the Iris Ceramica Group with the Chemistry Department of the University of Milan.

Protected by two European patents, ACTIVE ceramics are the only ones in the world to have photocatalytic, anti-pollution and antibacterial action proven by ISO certifications.


Anti-pollution action
By simply using the light and humidity in rooms, ACTIVE SURFACES® floors and walls permanently and continuously eliminate polluting molecules from the air, including the most toxic and dangerous ones.

- Indoors, ACTIVE SURFACES® help fight numerous sources of pollution, for example by degrading all the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air.
- When applied to external facades, it promotes the elimination of harmful molecules before they can penetrate rooms through windows or the air intakes of air conditioners installed outside buildings.

Antibacterial and antiviral, in addition to 99% effective, against Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
ACTIVE SURFACES® destroys the bacteria and viruses that come into contact with the surface thanks to the oxidation process induced by photocatalysis, activated by light.
The presence of silver makes the ceramic active against bacteria and viruses, even in the dark, in respect of both common strains and antibiotic-resistant ones (MRSA). ACTIVE SURFACES® also prevents the formation of biofilm (bacterial settlements).
ACTIVE SURFACES® were the subject of a major study by the Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences, and Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health at the University of Milan, to verify their antiviral properties against the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (responsible for Covid-19). The research was carried out by Iris Ceramica Group's ACTIVE Research and Development Department in collaboration with the authoritative technical and scientific committee of the two departments at the University of Milan. The resulting data confirmed the astonishing ability of ACTIVE SURFACES® to eliminate 94% of SARS-CoV-2 after only 4 hours of exposure to low intensity UV light (natural daylight and traditional light bulbs even at low intensity).

Anti-odor action, removal of bad odors
Odor-causing molecules that come into contact with ACTIVE surfaces are degraded and destroyed, thus eliminating bad odors. The highly effective anti-odor action is fueled by light (photocatalysis), as well as LED lights.

Self-cleaning action
Thanks to the photocatalytic properties of ACTIVE SURFACES®, dirt adheres less to the surface, making it easier to remove.

- Major benefits are achieved on external facades: a large amount of dust and dirt are removed simply by rainwater, thus reducing the high maintenance and restoration costs associated with traditional external walls.
- Indoors, the self-cleaning effectiveness of the surfaces allows one to reduce the use of detergents that can be aggressive and toxic, as well as polluting and in any case expensive.

Permanent action, activated by different kinds of lighting
ACTIVE SURFACES® is the only photocatalytic ceramic in the world that works with any kind of lighting: natural or artificial, including the new low energy LED lamps.
An exclusive production process makes the action of ACTIVE SURFACES® effective 24 hours a day. Furthermore, the active effects don’t end with the passing of time or intense use of the surface, e.g. with footfall on the floor.

Where should ACTIVE SURFACES® we installed?
Due to their permanent beneficial action, which improves health and hygiene, ACTIVE tiles are recommended in all environments where high standards of cleanliness, health and hygiene are an important or fundamental requirement, such as clinics, laboratories, hospitals, and schools, as well as wellness areas, hotels and restaurants, gyms, offices and private dwellings.

Floors, walls, furnishings.
ACTIVE surfaces can be made of high-quality porcelain stoneware and enameled cladding, with solutions for floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors, even in high traffic areas. The are also ideal as cladding for furnishings in environments used for food preparation (kitchens, restaurants) or personal care (bathrooms, changing rooms, gyms, wellness centers) or frequented by many people.

“ON DEMAND” production
ACTIVE surfaces can be created on demand, in minimum pre-set batches, selecting any semi-polished, natural and structured finish product already included in the Iris Ceramica, FMG Maxfine range. Contact us and we’ll be delighted to develop your desired solution with you.

Active “READY” collection
As of today, ACTIVE is also available in a complete range of “ready-made” products, in large or traditional sizes, designed to the highest aesthetic and quality standards.

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