Residence Chiar di Luna

Residence Chiar di Luna

Raised floors

Residence Chiar di Luna - Polignano a Mare (BA) - Italy

Architects: Monica Alejandra Mellace

Chiar di Luna Residence in Polignano a Mare, only minutes away from the Adriatic Sea, is an exclusive holiday home development featuring FMG porcelain surfaces.

Designed by architect Monica Alejandra Mellace, winner of the national IN/ARCH-ANCE 2014 award, Chiar di Luna aspires to "combine the holiday home concept with the atmosphere of a permanent residence".

The redevelopment project aims to underline the identity of the rocky landscape, in which porcelain stoneware, a strong, efficient material, blends in almost as if it were a part of the natural environment.

The complex includes 41 units measuring 60 to 85 square metres, a total of 2981 square metres, featuring elements of traditional Mediterranean architecture reinterpreted in a contemporary light.

The project makes use of materials, volumes and colours with a bold identity and strong connotations, skilfully combining white plaster with glass, hewn stone facing and containing walls: all building materials with a naturally expressive character that go perfectly with FMG White Purity and Dark Depth porcelain.

Slabs from the Roads Collection, a collection exploring the potential of classic colours inspired by the shades of the earth, stone, sand and rocks.

The result is a balance of light and dark hues which underlines natural light, making the most of both the details and the overall picture.

Chiar di Luna is filled with light, flowing in through big windows and transparent railings. FMG’s big Maxfine slabs, used here in the two most "extreme" colours, light White Purity and deep, dark Dark Depth, create an intentionally bold aesthetic contrast, combining white, the traditional colour of constructions in Apulia, with the elegant black of today’s ceramics. A project in which Maxfine slabs truly express their full potential!