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QUARZITE, an original expression of the famous metamorphic rock imbued with sober elegance.

The decisive character of stone emerges with strength and majesty and, combined with the excellent performance of full body porcelain stoneware, reveals an elegant, balanced collection that enriches the traditional FMG product range.
The surfaces faithfully interpret the typical friability of the material that inspired it, full of material power and brilliant nuances that are part of its structure and identity.

Ghiaccio, Cenere, Antracite, Sabbia, Argento: 5 neutral colours furnish with sobriety and are perfect for interpreting both classic and modern styles, giving personality to all spaces – even large ones.
Thanks to the wide range of sizes available (120x60cm - 120x20cm - 60x60cm - 60x30cm), and three different finishes (Natural, Polished and Structured) that increase their range of application, QUARZITE embodies the contemporary touch that FMG always gives to its collections.
QUARZITE is also available in a special 30X30cm mosaic version to decorate walls with delicate ‘ton sur ton’ nuances.