Stobo Castle

Stobo Castle

Wellness and Spa

Stobo Castle - Stobo, Scotland - United Kingdom

Architects: Arch. Ron Cameron

Renewing its vocation for coverings in health and wellness areas, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti laid its Rosa Portogallo high-tech porcelain flooring from its marble collection in the luxurious Stobo Castle, located in the town of the same name in Peeblesshire (Scotland).
Stobo Castle is a fascinating, luxurious destination for a relaxing, pampered holiday, one of Scotland’s most popular wellness centres.
Its customised rooms, prestigious comfort and services, magnificent views of the surrounding countryside and relaxing Japanese gardens make Stobo Castle a particularly popular spa, and FMG surfaces play a key role in determining the atmosphere.
In order to offer a selection of dozens of different wellness and beauty treatments in different settings, the centre built a 185 square metre expansion designed by architect Ron Cameron, in which FMG materials played a key role.
The expansion includes “40 new treatment rooms, a cutting-edge gym featuring all the latest fitness equipment, a Laconium, a Crystal Steam Room, an Aromatic Steam Room, The Experience Shower, an advanced Hydrospa and a spectacular 25 m swimming pool, Scotland’s only ozone pool”.
Rosa Portogallo is particularly popular among FMG marble-effect surfaces, a material inspired by a pale old rose variety of marble which creates a noble, refined atmosphere, underlined by sophisticated veins that make it suitable for particularly luxurious settings such as Stobo Castle, where the traditions of a timeless place are united with contemporary wellness design.

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