Centro Médico y de Bienestar Milenium

Centro Médico y de Bienestar Milenium

Ventilated walls

Centro Médico y de Bienestar Milenium - Alcobendas, Madrid - Spain

Architects: Arch. Eduardo Merello Godino

Surfaces are more important in medical facilities than in any other kind of building.
Hygiene is a very important consideration for hospitalised patients, their family members and staff and is the final goal in the design of doctors’ offices, clinics and hospitals.
FMG pays special care to these considerations, supplying antibacterial technical ceramic tiles with Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, as in the renovation of Centro Médico y de Bienestar Milenium of Alcobendas in Alcobendas, Madrid by Eduardo Merello Godino (of studio EACSN), an architect with extensive experience designing hospitals in Spain, Angola, Belize, Malawi and Panama.
Godino completely redesigned the layout and technical and aesthetic features of the original complex, built in the 70s.
In line with EACSN’s philosophy of environmental sustainability and goal of minimising waste from demolition and reconstruction, FMG White Purity porcelain tiles treated with Active are perfect for a technical and aesthetic context of maximum efficiency, durability and beauty.
Centro Médico y de Bienestar Milenium has been given new life with improvement of its thermal and acoustic conditions, use of recycled materials (such as wood), addition of new green areas and, above all, by using materials in new ways and making FMG ceramics the focus of the design of coverings on the façade and in the interiors.
Use of White Purity Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ in the 120x60 size offers a clear ecological and medical advantage, with an antibacterial ceramic tile that reduces not only the principal and most dangerous strains of bacteria but the pollutants that have become a constant in today’s cities.
The ventilated façade on the medical facility is covered with thermal insulation on one side to reduce the building’s energy consumption and an anti-pollutant volume on the other to improve air quality in and around the building. Godino comments on this important aspect: "(...) quick, easy assembly, physical properties such as the size, colours and structure of the material, and the contribution the material makes to cleaning the air are its key strong points".
The power of FMG’s high-tech Active ceramics makes White Purity a key to wellness in the building, going beyond its classic role as a covering material to provide a series of additional technical and aesthetic qualities of great importance in the culture and practice of architecture.

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