San Valentino Golf Club

San Valentino Golf Club

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San Valentino Golf Club - Castellarano (RE) - Italy

In the splendid setting of the San Valentino Golf Club at Castellarano, a major restyling job has just been completed on the Club House Terrace, where members can enjoy food or drinks and bask in the tranquillity of the magnificent view of the course and the green hills around it. The San Valentino Golf Club has an international 18-hole course standing in 130 hectares of woodland and meadows, with the added attractions of 4 lakes, swimming-pool, exercise gym and natural history trails with bird-watching hides, fishing spots and survival course facilities, as well as the hotel, restaurant, gym and spa.

The terrace, 250 square metres in area, is accessed through two entrances next to the bar and the restaurant and two flights of steps leading to the putting greens. The architect Ido Corradini, the Iris Ceramic design department and the client ensured that every detail was carefully planned from the outset, visiting the FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti showroom at Fiorano Modenese to choose the most appropriate manufactured stone slab colours and finishes.

The slabs chosen for the project were Parana Gold and Parana Brown, with structured finish, selected because the attractively varying shades of the 60x30 slabs provided an excellent combination with the plastered walls. Since this was an outdoor project, anti-slip slabs were used to ensure safety in the event of rain or snow (the Structured surface is rated in classes R11 A+B+C and therefore guarantees an excellent grip in all weather conditions).

The laying pattern used featured two contrasting colours and a mix of right-angled and 45° positioning, dividing the space into three zones: the central passage zone leading indoors from the steps, and the two ends basically providing links to the bar and restaurant inside the Club House.
The client decided to add extra prestige to an excellent installation by decorating the main corridors with the FMG logo in laser-engraved, pigmented slabs.