Unicoop Firenze

Unicoop Firenze

Shopping centres

Unicoop Firenze - Firenze - Italy

Architects: Arch. Paolo Lucchetta

In the Unicoop project in Novoli, Florence, architect Paolo Lucchetta takes a new look at the conventional concept of the shopping mall.
The project, using FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti ceramic materials, is interpreted in a contemporary way focusing on identity, less linked with the concept of consumerism and more focused on people and relationships among people and between communities, goods and land.
Like all aspects of social life, today’s public constructions, including public places of transit and gathering-places, have in recent years been adapted to suit the habits, times and personal and career demands of the society we live in, which has changed profoundly in recent years.
On the basis of this reflection, the Unicoop project in Novoli is "designed for a complex, metropolitan public; in short, it is a place designed for people, around people, and on the basis of people’s local identity".
The shopping centre is no longer seen as a place for selling things, but above all as a "place for meeting, for sustainable commerce, for reorganisation of our cities and markets today".
In the Unicoop project, this initial vision takes the form of a place including areas for socialisation, for hosting events, tastings and presentations, but also for reading books, listening to music and browsing the internet.
For all these reasons, the project is laden with ethical principles, built using a “conscientious, sustainable vocabulary in relation to the local area", with display islands, routes and a focus on Tuscan culture and products.
Like many other public places, the shopping centre is finished with FMG covering materials, offering the utmost technical performance for high traffic places with a look that maintains the atmosphere the architects wished to create.
Through-coloured high-tech porcelain surfaces from the Lignum collection, laid in White and Grey in the Unicoop project, meet all these requirements in a product that is easily maintained in the long term without altering its beauty.
Intended for both residential and commercial projects, for public places and renovation projects, Lignum White and Grey surfaces come in sombre yet elegant colours, conveying all the warmth and the classic delicate veins typically associated with wood.

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