Shopping centres

MAGASIN DU NORD - Copenhagen - Denmark

Year: 2018

Square Meters: 8000

In addition to all public and private spaces, the performance of FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti porcelain is a key factor in renovation of spaces both large and small, indoors and outdoors.
The advanced technical and aesthetic properties of FMG ceramic coverings contribute a new identity and new expressiveness to any space while guaranteeing long-term resistance and inalterability.
The many uses of FMG porcelain slabs include providing an original covering for high-traffic public and commercial spaces which are subject to wear, tread, and technical and mechanical stress every day, as well as undergoing constant cleaning.
FMG ceramics can make all the difference in terms of performance, as in the recent project supplying coverings for the Magasin du Nord brand, a historic chain of department stores in Kongens Nytorv, the biggest square in the city of Copenhagen (Denmark), at the end of Strøget, Europe’s longest pedestrian street.
The renovation project renewed the store’s indoor spaces and laid a new pavement over the existing pavement of outdoor spaces on four levels.
The choice of covering materials for the eight thousand square metre department store was oriented toward neutral colours, choosing top quality FMG stones: Lavica Pearl (Pietre Maxfine), Limestone Ash (Limestone Maxfine) and Iron Grey (Iron Maxfine. The choice emphasised the products’ material qualities and wealth of detail, adding variety to the sombre, plain hues of the slabs with original uneven veins that make every single slab unique while ensuring the harmony of the composition as a whole.
In the large open spaces of individual stores, where convenience and ease of movement for customers are very important, large Maxfine slabs also permit expansion of the perceived space and add greater dynamism by reducing visual interference.
The unusual choice of colours ensures versatility, for the neutral hues of FMG stones make it easy to match the materials with a variety of furnishings and create a style that balances the Scandinavian brand’s tradition with today’s trendiest designs.

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