Liz Gallery

Liz Gallery

Shopping centres

Liz Gallery - Montesarchio (BN) - Italy

Architects: Prof. Arch. Cherubino Gambardella

The Liz Gallery in Montesarchio, Benevento, is a shopping centre spread over 60,000 m2, completed in 2010, after 8 years of development, designed by architect Cherubino Gambardella.
A monumental work in a minimalist style that fits perfectly into the landscape, the Liz Gallery goes beyond the usual image of a contemporary shopping centre and is inspired by "the style of Medieval military fortresses, like the famous Rocca dei Rettori in Benevento, and by later Renaissance palaces, with ashlar facades, created here with prefabricated surfaces".
The Liz Gallery pays tribute to the history of the area, becoming an integral part of the landscape through its expressive force, which is also a result of its use of FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti ceramics.
The large entrances to the North-West rest on a floor covered in Travertino by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, a wide monochrome surface for entertainment, markets and children’s play areas.
The centre is on two floors, with the shopping area on the lower floor with over 30 stores and the offices on the upper floor.
The interior floors are covered with Travertino, Paranà brown and Ardesia Moka slabs and the alternating colours and incomparable brightness of these high-tech, aesthetic FMG slabs marks out a pathway for users, making the centre easier to navigate and creating "a large road that metaphorically leads the user on a discovery of a ‘commercial landscape’”.

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