Ristorante Evviva

Ristorante Evviva

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Ristorante Evviva - Riccione (RN) - Italy

FMG porcelain tiles and Active antibacterial ceramic play a key role at Èvviva Restaurant in Riccione, the result of architect Luca Tausani Ferrini’s renovation of the former laundry room of the Grand Hotel.

From design to the final choice of materials and interiors in '30s style, the ethics and management of Èvviva are oriented toward a policy of “zero waste”.

A sustainable vision, according to Andrea Muccioli, who manages the restaurant with chef Franco Aliberti, reclaiming not only space but objects such as tables, lamps and chairs.

The bar surface in the restaurant is covered with MAXFINE porcelain tiles treated using the innovative ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ process.

Active’s sanitising and self-cleaning properties, perfect for the mission of a low environmental impact project, allow diners to eat right off the countertop.

FMG has always been in the vanguard when it comes to environmental sustainability, and the company developed the Active method from high-tech porcelain tiles. The many possible applications of these tiles include kitchen and bathroom countertops, where the refinement and style of natural stone combine in a single product for all surfaces.

The Active process makes MAXFINE slabs into anti-pollutant, self-cleaning, antibacterial photocatalytic materials perfect for surfaces in restaurants, as in Èvviva, where the countertop must be kept sanitised and bacteria-free at all times.

The Corten colour from the Iron collection metallic surfaces is particularly appropriate in this context. With its post-industrial hues, Corten fits naturally into the centre of the visual space, with its vintage style underlined by rough, chipped walls, sewing machine tops used as tables and English-style sofas.