Residential areas


Studio: Studio Aus/Doser SPA

The floors were applied by Technoriunite

New Town is a new housing development conceived as part of the “Ci sta a cuore Parma” project launched by doser in 2017 to redevelop and revitalise a number of neighbourhoods which are advantageously positioned and easily accessible but characterised by obsolete constructions.
The new housing complex takes advantage of all the most significant properties of FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti porcelain with a façade covered with stone-effect high-tech ceramic slabs. FMG slabs make New Town look like "a natural rough-hewn gemstone" set in the landscape, naturally integrating this “vertical forest on a human scale” into its surroundings without towering over them, demonstrating complete respect for people and the environment.
New Town has eight levels above ground, as well as a basement level, and is divided into twelve luxury apartments characterised by cosy yet open spaces. The harmonious, refined spaces of the homes are illuminated by daylight filtering in through big windows opening onto spacious terraces. Each apartment is designed in a different way, all with the goal of offering comfort and serenity in everyday life.
The façades follow the light forms of the building’s structural skeleton, with parts that fold and rise again, like suspended shelves, between illusions of glass and a living green heart. Thanks to the chromatic variations of FMG ceramic surfaces, light plays a very important role both during the day and at night, when LED lighting creates a magical atmosphere for the people who live in the complex and for those who pass by on the street, identifying its unique profile, different on every side.
To keep energy costs down while ensuring the utmost comfort, the building is equipped with numerous systems for combined use of different renewable energy sources. The outer façades of the walls around the building’s perimeter have an exterior insulation finishing system, in which Trax Dark and Trax Beige high-tech ceramic slabs have been selected to cover the building, laid in an offset pattern in the conventional 30x60, 60x60 and 60x120 sizes.
The alternation between textured and natural surfaces ensures that the two-tone effect "makes this alternation into a modern sculpture, modelled by light, shadow and different hues", adding the value of great prestige and charm to an innovative building in line with the top contemporary architecture projects.