Dublin residential

Dublin residential

Residential areas

Dublin residential - Dublin - Ireland

Architects: Tilestyle Studio

FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti high–tech ceramic from the marble effect collections is often chosen for important residential projects, for its brightness and innate aesthetic elegance, like in this home in Dublin, Ireland.
Crema Marfil Select stands out for its delicacy and almost imperceptible veining that flows into the warm beige base colour.
Its colour features can be used transversally, for the most classic coverings and for contemporary design, which is rediscovering pale, delicate shades to enhance and customise furnishings and finishes to the full.
In this Irish home, the pale wood frames and skirting board and an overall minimalist interior, with Crema Marfil Select, create a sober, broader environment that favours both conviviality and familiar intimacy.
A stand-out feature of the space is that it has been designed to let in as much natural and artificial light as possible.
High-tech marble effect, and natural stone effect, porcelain is the perfect solution for the needs of light spaces, for their ability to reflect and the brightness that enhances the veins of marble and variegation of stone.

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