New Twins

New Twins

Raised floors

New Twins - Avio (TN) - Italy

Architects: Studio Enerplan S.r.l. | Ing. Paolo Faglioni

The project involving the construction of the new production complex of the well-known textile company New Twins S.r.l., comprising two buildings for industrial and commercial functions, required the redevelopment of a decommissioned building on an area of 26,611 m2.

“The construction of this production facility,” Paolo Faglioni informs us, “is the outcome of professional experience built up over a long career in architectural design and in the direction of works, especially for the textile industry. This design therefore includes experimental techniques reinterpreted in the light of state-of-the-art technologies that place this work at the leading edge in terms of both technology and energy efficiency.”

The facility, not far from Trento, stands in a valley surrounded by mountains, and the view behind the building was given fundamental importance in the design of the installation, since environmental compatibility and suitability for the context were priority values.

In view of the strong winds in the area, the exterior was finished with a concealed frame curtain wall using “Persiano Giallo” slabs (size 120x60, pre-polished, quantity installed about 4000 m2) from the FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti “Travertini” collection, a marble with natural look that fits attractively into the building’s surroundings.

“Factory-produced slabs are similar in appearance to the natural equivalent but have superior technical characteristics, including resistance to abrasion, frost, chemicals, stains and water absorption, and bending strength.“

Inside the building, the industrial floors with under-floor heating were covered with “Crystal” (12 mm, natural finish, about 10,000 m2 installed), while “Jura Gold” (polished and bush-hammered) was used for a number of custom-built structures (such as the entrance hall counter and the main staircase).