Public areas


Architects: Francesco Scardaccione

FMG technical ceramic tiles are the first choice for numerous prestigious tiling projects in both domestic homes and public spaces, including places of worship, due to their excellent technical and aesthetic performance.
These properties are amply demonstrated in the restoration of the Jesuit Seminary and Theology Faculty in Naples.

Architect Francesco Scardaccione has completed significant renovation and conservation work on the building, constructed between 1910 and 1912. Restoration of the adjacent sixteenth century complex is a work in progress, fully meeting the client’s requirements with technically viable solutions from an architectural, functional and aesthetic point of view. Updating and whenever possible improving the building, the rooms are climatically and technologically comfortable with state-of-the-art facilities.

First and foremost, the client wished to convey a sense of renewal, of re-purposing and practicality to create light and airy spaces with architecturally clean lines and simple yet not bland finishes. Based on these initial terms of reference, the resulting design creates a modern, rational configuration which confers the correct architectural connotations. Appropriate materials were also considered of great importance and clearly contribute to the required final results.

The choice of ceramic tiles therefore pointed towards FMG tiles in Calacatta for the places of worship.
The material's characteristics and versatility together with marble’s elegantly classic aesthetic effect enhance the ambiance, creating an atmosphere of calm meditation and contemplation. Calacatta technical ceramic tiles, with their previously mentioned elegance, pure white background and authentically angled veining, have also made the rooms considerably lighter and brighter. Alongside FMG ceramics’ technical properties, ease of cleaning and durability should also be stressed, which is of paramount importance in public places such as the Jesuit Seminary where there is significant foot traffic and where daily cleaning is a constant.