Public areas


Architects: Francesco De Rosa

Distributor: SpazioIris Benefit Corporation Napoli

Due to their versatility, Iris Ceramica large format tiles can be used in all situations, whether public or domestic.

Among these, office spaces nowadays pose a design challenge due to a variety of specific requirements, alterations or additions that need to be implemented when such workplaces are being built.

The construction of new offices for the Pegaso University at the Centro Direzionale in Naples, based on a project by the architect De Rosa that lasted almost 2 years, was efficiently and functionally implemented, also thanks to the use of FMG technical ceramic materials.

Going beyond the traditional concept of renovation, the priority of the work at Pegaso University was to preserve its overall uniform character, extending over 7 levels of approximately 500 sq. m., each with a specific intended use. All the requested variations were accommodated during the contract period.

Only the 21st floor, allocated to the Dean and general management, was modified to give it a more prestigious ambiance. Rather than as an office, it was therefore designed to include a welcoming reception area to entertain guests, featuring a coffee bar at the entrance and a kitchen with adjoining dining area, to encourage more informal meetings.

In order to emphasise these design aspects, appealing Maxfine Black Venato and Thassos marble-effect slabs were laid in the Dean’s Office. These two colours create a chiaroscuro effect which, together with the natural elegance of marble, embellish the room and enhance each detail of the interior.

The use of FMG large ceramic slabs, polished Eramosa 300x150 and 150x150 and Estremoz Crema for the floor of the meeting room, made it possible to give “the entrance to each floor, in the communal areas, a distinctive character which, on the one hand, would give a clear identity to the university’s offices and, on the other hand, would not make them look like simple hallways. For this reason, these spaces have been designed as if they were interiors.”

The large format of the slabs creates spatial continuity, so surfaces appear uninterrupted while maintaining the same distinctive look in all the rooms, as required.

Therefore, by selecting large format slabs we were able to achieve results that would otherwise not have been possible, combining the option of cutting the maxi slabs to meet specific requirements with the aesthetic benefits and excellent resistance typical of porcelain stoneware.

Aesthetically, in particular, the Eramosa slabs enhance the overall ambiance with their brightness and elegant design, which is expressed through the different coloured veins.