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Architects: Arch. Natali Ugo

One of FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti technical ceramics’ acknowledged qualities is their versatility. An aspect that delivers excellent results when tiling and furnishing a wide variety of often very different projects and commercial settings, united by a refined, distinctive and singular ambiance.

The Casa del Commiato (Funeral Center), a project by architect Ugo Natali in collaboration with the Bergamo branch of RECCOTILES, in Seriate, Bergamo, provides a variety of innovative services which ensure "respectful, discreet and well-organized funeral rites".

The combined efforts of client and designer created a design concept and, on completion, an overall ambiance that wherever possible " downplays stereotypes associated with this type of setting, making them less formal and sad”.

FMG technical ceramics play a fundamental role in implementing this concept, through the selection and combination of warm colors which make the space bright yet compassionate, which therefore comforts relatives of the deceased.

Large format 6mm thick tiles from the Marmi Maxfine collection were used: Azul Macaubas in the reception area and corridors, and marble-effect Calacatta for tiling. Onici Maxfine in Onice Avorio, Onice Giada and Onice Alabastrino, were selected and used to completely customize the various rooms.

Marble and onyx create prestigious, impressive and aesthetically beautiful surfaces which have always been intrinsic part of religious sites and public places for meditation and prayer.

The FMG catalog includes marble and onyx color palettes in numerous tonal shades, with striations, veining and dazzling shading which enhances reflected natural or artificial light.

Natali, the architect employed a range of skillful color combinations to create the ambiance in this project, from pure white marble-effect Bianco Calacatta to delicate blue Azul Macaubas which features white-gray striations embellished with touches of gold and beige.

Refined Onice Avorio, Onice Giada and Onice Alabastrino tiles embody natural strength and elegance, due to their intense neutral yet sophisticated and subtle color palette.

Like other collections in the catalog, FMG marble and onyx effect technical porcelain is a high performance material which has dominated the international ceramics sector for years.

In addition to their incomparable aesthetic appearance, MaxFine large format tiles’ essential technical properties include resistance, impermeability, ease of cleaning and low maintenance requirements.

Due to the specific nature of these premises with their inevitable intrinsic symbolism and sensitivity, the choice of these particular stone tiles is entirely appropriate, since they create a hushed air of intimacy and timeless majesty throughout.