Biblioteca di Alessandria

Biblioteca di Alessandria

Public areas

Biblioteca di Alessandria - Alessandria - Italy

Architects: Ing. Mattioli, Ing. Zingarini

The flooring in Alessandria Civic Library, featuring FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti surfaces, fits harmoniously into the modern, high-tech building, a facility perfectly capable of satisfying all consultation and filing needs while receiving large numbers of students and visitors coming in from Piazza Vittorio Veneto every day.
Quarzite Gialla and Persiano Giallo slabs alternate across the floor in Alessandria Civic Library to create a look featuring geometric patterns and regular frames, "surrounding the City’s coat of arms, made with water-jet cutting and located under the steel and glass tower in the middle of the building".
Inspired by natural colours and stones, like all FMG’s other high-tech porcelain surfaces, the slabs are manufactured "the way nature does it", reproducing the properties of fire and pressure acting on a refined combination of clays, sands and minerals. The result is an environmentally friendly porcelain floor that guarantees stability, strength and an increasingly sophisticated and up-to-date look: the perfect qualities for covering surfaces in public places!
In the Alessandria Civic Library project, the architects wanted warm hues that would give the reading rooms and offices a cosy feel, enhanced by the pre-polished finish of Quarzite Gialla surfaces and the polished finish of Persiano Giallo.
Quarzite was also "used to create raised floors in the offices to permit easy, orderly handling of all the wiring". Use of raised or floating flooring is a strategic preventive decision, ensuring that it will be possible to raise even one single tile in the future without any particularly invasive work or inconvenience.
The result is a library with a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, in the true spirit of a place of study.

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