Vigne Regali (Barricaia)

Vigne Regali (Barricaia)

Offices and Shops

Vigne Regali (Barricaia) - Strevi (AL) - Italy

Architects: Arch. Martina Tornato

Vigne Regali is the brand name the Banfi Group uses to refer to its "historic winery in Piedmont, Bruzzone, established in 1860 and specialising in the production of sparkling wines, promoting growth of the group’s Piedmont brand, now known as Banfi Piemonte".
Established in 1978 by Italian American brothers John and Harry Mariani, Banfi is a leading winemaker with thousands of hectares of vineyards south of Montalcino (Siena).
The unique habitat of Tuscany and Piedmont, with a "privileged microclimatic position and a particularly rich soil", has made Banfi a big name in the wine industry, going beyond the confines of one form of production to make more than 60 different wines and sparkling wines.
Banfi welcomes each year tens of thousands of visitors to its estates, wineries, wine bar and medieval castle of Poggio alle Mura for a total experience of landscape, culture and ancient traditions.
FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s Porfido Brown ceramic surfaces (from the Pietre collection) cover the floors of the barrique cellar in the Banfi winery in Strevi (Alessandria), designed by architect Martina Tornato.
The barrique cellar is where ageing and refinement of selected quality wines take place in wooden barrels (barriques).
The quality of the barrique cellar is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in the lengthy process of aging a wine, and so temperature and humidity conditions in the room must be constantly kept under control.
Always “made according to nature”, FMG porcelain tiles contribute to the healthfulness and optimal microclimate of the space, sharing the Banfi group’s philosophy combining ancient wisdom with modern production techniques.

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