Offices and Shops

THE ATTICO IRIS CERAMICA GROUP - Fiorano Modenese (MO) - Italy

Studio: Area-17 Architecture & Interiors

Following the complete redesign of the showroom, reception converted into a Historic Museum and management offices, The Attico is the final phase of planned measures which reflect the organic, ongoing evolution of FMG who have the foresight to move with the times, rapidly interpreting the world of architecture’s changing needs.

Designed by Area-17 Architecture & Interiors, the project unlocks the full potential of the attic by creating a single, spacious, glass-enclosed area with large panoramic terrace overlooking the Emilia-Romagna hills. The area, previously divided into three small suites for guests, now accommodates two flexible, interconnecting main areas: a bistro area with kitchen and meeting/lounge area.

Large-format MaxFine tiles unquestionably take center stage. Porcelain surfaces reinterpret the most precious, rare natural materials and cover walls, floors, architectural features and designer furnishings like a second skin. In The Attico, maxi-format waterjet-cut ceramics are transformed into coffee tables, storage units, brise-soleil, kitchen worktops, counters and seats.

Sahara Noir is the predominant design in the interior, laid on floors, dining and occasional tables, perimeter pillars and sun screens which shade the large windows.
Calacatta Oro, with its lighter surface, provides a sophisticated color contrast in part of the meeting area and on a wall fitted with shelving and fittings in the bar-kitchen area.
Onice Giada, with its sophisticated appearance, is molded to the contours of the vanity top in the rest room and outdoor hand-made multi-purpose seats, while Onice Grigio from the Onici MaxFine collection unfurls over part of the floor like an elegant ceramic rug.
The terrace, which completely surrounds The Attico, predominantly features concrete-effect MaxFine Walk-On in Silver on raised flooring, furnishings and an outdoor fireplace-pizza oven. Emperador and Onice Giada from the MaxFine collection accentuate the modular seating and layout in a perfect fusion of aesthetic style and functionality.

In The Attico you can physically experience the exceptional high-performance and versatility of FMG porcelain tiles. The use of incomparable raw materials and finest manufacturing technology, alongside unceasing research and development, have achieved superb quality results and designs using MaxFine tiles, which were unimaginable until recently.