Pueblo Serena

Pueblo Serena

Offices and Shops

Pueblo Serena - Monterrey - Mexico

Studio: Carranza Ruiz Arquitectura

Architects: Gerardo Ruiz y Alex Carranza

The quality of FMG high-tech ceramic is revealed with all the power of its beauty in spaces where wellness, the natural landscape and the local culture inspire the atmosphere and architectural design. Pueblo Serena, a big shopping centre in Monterrey (Mexico) designed for Artemio Garza Rodríguez by Carranza - Ruiz Arquitectura (architects Alex Carranza Valles and Gerardo Ruiz Díaz), offers a clear example of the aesthetic properties of FMG high-tech ceramic applied to a wide-ranging project.
Extending over an area measuring more than 100 thousand square metres, including 49 thousand square metres of indoor space, Pueblo Serena stands out from the traditional shopping mall concept with its majestic scale, open spaces, façades and green areas, including a plaza surrounded by shops and restaurants, fountains, gardens and a church.
Brightly lit and open by nature, this project, the only one of its kind in Mexico, combines the aesthetic value of landscape with that of architecture and surface design to create dazzling, attractive results, in which FMG high-tech ceramic surfaces make an essential contribution to determining the overall form, structure and mood.
A number of elements typical of traditional Mexican architecture recur in the project, such as the big arcade and thick walls; the six giant tree-shaped columns 17 m high producing constantly changing light conditions on the main façade while supporting a 6000-tonne metal roof joining two of the main buildings; and the streets with the unusual shadows cast by the 300 ilex trees adding to the beauty of the landscape.
These aspects combine to make Pueblo Serena a complete urban planning project in which the client and the architects emphasise not only the promotion of business but particular aspects such as "community living, the wellbeing of society and spiritual growth".
The very name of the project comes from an ancient Mexican colonial city, in which social and spiritual needs intersect in a place that is also dedicated to trade and entertainment.
The project took three and a half years to complete, with the client, architects and workers working together in perfect harmony. FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti produced high-tech ceramic surfaces with customised colours and textures to meet all the requirements and convey the appropriate atmosphere on all surfaces in the project.
Customised FMG slabs reproduce the look of Mexican stone, combined with the local variety of stone, to create a very attractive, expressive natural look that conveys sensations of hospitality and serenity to visitors.
An example of quality Italian ceramic design joining forces with Mexican creativity!