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Studio: Area-17 Architecture and Interiors

Balancing innovation with tradition, the restructuring of FMG's headquarters in Fiorano Modenese integrates the original 1960s building with new interior spaces within the showroom, the needs and functions of which have inevitably changed over time.

Implemented in a way that fully respects the brand’s historical image and the significance of the ceramic company to the local area and its inhabitants, the design was produced by Studio Area-17 Architecture, with which FMG has had the opportunity to work on several occasions.

Thanks to the judicious use of the company’s products and Area-17’s in-depth knowledge of the brand values, the project presents clients and employees with a strengthened corporate identity.

On the external facades, the renovation involved original elements of the building, recovering and above all “updating the overall design with the use of contemporary style details”.

Remarkable work was done to merge the different buildings through landscaping that softens the transition between the different structures thanks to a restructuring of the green areas. The construction value of the project as a whole is enhanced by transparent, sculptural fencing that frames the architectural space, highlighting the expressiveness and emotion of the ceramic material.

The interior is a sophisticated reference to the architectural language of the 1960s thanks to “a design that focuses on the evolved functions and relationships between the new spaces”.

This poetry is expressed through a balanced use of products with great appeal, including large Onici Maxfine tiles, in the Onice Grigio version, for the floor and various furnishings, accompanied by several varieties of the Onici Maxfine collection for bathrooms plus the 6mm Roads Grey Calm thick porcelain stoneware tiles for desks and light fittings.

These combinations of materials with different expressive strengths create strong dynamism and visual impact, while maintaining the brightness and aesthetic grace of the FMG ceramic tiles.

The entrance, overlooking a full-height hall with an imposing LED wall, leads to the company museum. This tells the story of Iris Ceramica Group through the values, people, products and projects that have made it a global benchmark for the technical ceramic sector and Italian production.

The full-height room provides the perfect connection between the museum and the offices, a large area created using different varieties of Marmi Maxfine, a collection that more than any other combines tradition and innovation, thanks to the use of marble, the most precious and timeless material.

Important aspects of comfort and overall quality of the environment are the focus here, providing a welcoming waiting area that promotes the best professional and relational dynamics.