Offices and Shops


Studio: Geom. Massimo Lucchini

The company Lucchini Costruzioni, which operates in the construction industry in the province of Brescia, has chosen FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti materials for tiling the floors of its new offices at its Sarezzo headquarters, near Brescia.

For this project, 1,000 square meters of Marmi MaxFine Crema Marfil Extra panels, in the 150x75 cm format, were used to customize the flooring in the meeting rooms, the executive office, the large open plan space with workstations, the hallways, and the elevator landing areas.

Large in size and with very few joints required when laying, Crema Marfil Extra fills the rooms with light, making the spaces look bigger and more airy. The offices have glass partitions so as not to break up the pattern on the floor in the various rooms, thus helping to enhance the beauty of the material. The chosen laying pattern is standard: the modules are laid out parallel to create a symmetrical and continuous visual effect.

The MaxFine surfaces are the ideal choice for the work environments of Lucchini Costruzioni: with its outstanding features, FMG porcelain stoneware is durable, unaffected by time, resistant to chemicals, impact and abrasion, and easy to clean. This fireproof and nontoxic material is practical, hygienic and easy to maintain.

Combining the functionality and excellent technical performance of FMG surfaces, Marmi MaxFine Crema Marfil Extra, with their sophisticated and elegant look, customize the managerial, operational and representative offices, thus creating welcoming and prestigious spaces.