Distilleria Zanin

Distilleria Zanin

Offices and Shops

Distilleria Zanin - Zugliano (VI) - Italy

Architects: Roberto Munaretto

The home of the historic Zanin Distillery in Zugliano (Vi) was created from the renewal of an industrial complex that is an important part of local history, with a new function as a distillery and a new commercial headquarters.
FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti have contributed to the renovation, supplying "all the floors in the production and sales areas, the offices and conference rooms".
The Zanin company was created in 1895 in the farming town of Zugliano, Vicenza, thanks to the tireless effort of ‘paron’ Bortolo Zanin who, full of the entrepreneurial and artisan spirit of the age, combined his activity as a host with that of distilling the grape marc from his fields.
The production of distillates didn’t even stop with the World Wars, despite enormous difficulties.
In fact, it was during those years that Zanin’s mission was born and this was handed down, with his vocation and family experience, to the following generations up to the present day, going beyond Italy.
The new headquarters, created with the help of FMG porcelain materials, was born of the company’s need to expand and it saw its new home in the disused ex-Marini, silk factory, also in Zugliano, the ideal continuation of local industrial excellence, which was once what Marini was famous for.
The design (2009-2013), by architect Roberto Munaretto, involved demolishing the old industrial building, which was no longer safe, and recovering the historic building dating back to 1860, with some parts demolished and rebuilt in concrete and brick, a new covering and an internal garden.
Throughout the new complex, the choice of FMG floors and coverings has "a style that respects the history of the pre-existing building".
For the floor of the company museum and the underground events area, approx.
800 m2 of tumbled 60x30 cm Pietra di Gerusalemme tiles have been used.
For the store, offices, conference rooms and sales floor (approx. 1100 m2), natural Lipica dorato 60x60 cm slabs have been used and bright Lipica dorato tiles in a 60x30 cm format have been used for the bathrooms.
The production area (approx. 5500 m2) has Cristal 20x20 cm tiles and Valeggio 40x40 cm tiles, the ideal materials for heavy loads and mechanical movement and both extremely resistant to weather and to wear and tear.

Materials Applied

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