Offices and Shops


Architects: Eduard Moser

FMG Fabbrica Marmi and Graniti is among the protagonists of an architecture and interior design project that recently entered the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the tallest chocolate fountain in the world.
It is located at the Pralinenwelt (Praline World) of Wenschitz maître chocolatier in Allhaming, Austria, a "chocolate centre" dedicated entirely to the magic of pralines: a place where all the senses are literally stimulated by the enticement of the filled chocolates, a delicacy of the highest value, famous worldwide.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Helmut Wenschitz is considered "one of Austria’s leading maître chocolatiers" and, as stated by Wenschitz himself, the chocolate waterfall was a vision he had had for a very long time.

For the project, Wenschitz requested an elegant light-colored material for the floor, along the lines of those seen in jewelry shops; in the Wenschitz Pralinenwelt, the appeal of the display goes hand in hand with the absolute quality of the project itself.
Designed by Eduard Moser, the project involved creating a covered inner courtyard suitable for housing the imposing record-setting waterfall.
The courtyard is covered by a noticeably sloped pyramid roof, and one of the design challenges was to integrate it into the local landscape, next to the church, making it particularly attractive.
Two thirds of the reinforced concrete building were then concealed in the ground below street level and serve as a warehouse, production and exhibition center, while the top third of the building rises from the ground, hosting the entrance, the shop, the display area, packaging center and administration.

As mentioned, the choice of the surface materials was aimed at creating the best experience of tasting and purchasing. The light-colored floor of ceramic slabs from FMG’s Marmi Maxfine collection, resistant and rich in details, complements the richly-colored walls for the presentations, and the chocolate brown ceiling with acoustic insulation.
The light-colored Bianco Lasa marble from the Marmi Maxfine collection, with its unmistakable classic look, rich in original veining, represents an elegant and evocative choice suitable for a captivating, refined atmosphere.
Thanks to the 150x150 cm size, the Maxfine marble effect maxi-slabs also enable an unparalleled luminosity on the floor that contrasts intentionally with the dark ceiling, enhancing the overall image of the interior space, from the furnishings to the many objects on display.