Offices and Shops


Studio: Granese Architecture & Design Studio

With FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti large format technical ceramic tiles, Granese Architecture Design designed a new office building for leading brand Caffè Motta, at their industrial premises in Salerno.

The all-glass building has a typical floor plan over two levels, with the reception area leading to operational areas in the south section and management offices in the north wing.

Laboratories and a series of conference and services rooms are located on the ground floor, while the first floor accommodates offices and meeting rooms.

The extensive project also involved the exterior, reinterpreted with a more contemporary look due to the smoked glass and bronze window frames; shades and materials typical of the Seventies, which contrast with the 60 x 120cm Basalto Bianco exterior flooring.

Drawing on the numerous different colors of several FMG collections, the interior design project was purposely inspired by the shades, warmth and ambiance historically associated with coffee, continuing the process of promoting the brand, which Granese had already worked on with previous trade fair stands.

The project began with warm dark colors, such as black and brown, however over the years, shades such as cream, green and bronze were gradually added, entirely consistent with various types of coffee.

These reflections were the starting point for the new office design in Salerno based on "atmospheric ambient lighting, never too bright or direct”.

In line with the client’s requirements, the cozy atmosphere was accentuated with areas designed not just for employees but open to the public, for tasting and sharing opinions (including a “tasting room”, with movable partition to connect to a meeting room, and a café on the ground floor).

In a design that harmoniously integrates operational, conference and hospitality areas, the aesthetic appearance of FMG technical ceramic surfaces plays a key role.

Chosen for their unquestionably attractive appearance, variety of choice and very much reduced thickness, the large format tiles have almost imperceptible joints which create a bold architectural effect.

FMG’s comprehensive catalog of available collections also makes it possible to differentiate various spaces in terms of function or use. For example, high impact tiles were used in public rooms on the ground floor, while on the upper, more operational, floor the designer opted for a monolithic effect which creates a feeling of spaciousness.

Specifically, 100 x 300cm Lavica Dark large format tiles were selected for floors and walls in first floor offices, which give a greater depth of field.

On the ground floor, however, floor surfaces are 150 x 300cm Gaudi Stone marble effect maxi tiles which "on one side are offset by the large windows of the outside walls and on the other by the rooms’ rosewood shelving and paneling".

Tops of the square tables in the “tasting room”, customized with the stunning, dark background and gold highlights of Sahara Noir, alongside a reception desk in 150 x 300cm polished Eramosa, demonstrate the remarkable versatility of FMG large format tiles.

The striking visual impact and warm, welcoming ambiance of FMG ceramic surfaces create an "all-encompassing design that begins with architecture, continues with interior design and also touches product design", which fully conveys the corporate image, due to the immersive sensation of “diving into a cup of coffee”.