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Studio: duePIU architects

FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti is expanding its international presence in the field of design with a new showroom in the city center of Lyon, in Place Bellecour 2.

The technical porcelain stoneware tiles by FMG are showcased in major international exhibitions, which demonstrates their high aesthetic and technical quality in an exhibition space that stands out for its strong contrasts, atmospheres, fascinating colors and formal influences.

The project of the Lyon showroom by duePIU architects focuses on the communicative power of a product which, in each of its collections, expresses its nature as an exclusive and innovative tailor-made wall tile and furnishing solution.

This was the reason for creating an exhibition space that transcends the concept of atelier, becoming first and foremost a visual and emotional workshop, a place for experimenting, where finding the right inspiration for your spaces is easy, not only in the field of residential architecture but also in the commercial, contract and hospitality sectors.

The Maxfine collections featured in the atelier range from charming Onici and the natural intensity of Citystone to elegant marble Emperador and the more recent, innovative and precious Gemstone and Agata collections, dedicated to the mineral world.

With their expressive patterns, the Maxfine large format tiles by FMG are the ideal solution for a variety of classic, modern and minimalist environments.

The timeless beauty of these large format tiles, together with their natural brightness and the fact that even the smallest details are reproduced, is enhanced by the reference to the natural materials that inspired them and perfectly reflects the approach of the atelier, which uses different and original architectural languages.

As a result, the showroom becomes a hybrid place, halfway between a workshop and an exhibition gallery, but also a fascinating creative space where everyone can draw personal inspiration, thanks to the expressive qualities of FMG’s surfaces and to the original sequences of lights, colors and textures.