PIAJO HOTEL - Nembro (BG) - Italy

Architects: Nisi Magnoni - Francesco Adobati

Ideal for floor and wall tiling or to create exclusive, customized furnishings, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti technical ceramics confirm their key role in the world of hospitality.

Featuring a unique combination of technical and aesthetic properties, this high performance material is ideally suited to catering and wellness projects and also eye-catching refurbishments.

The renovation and extension of the Piajo Relax Hotel, Nembro, in the hills near Bergamo, is a stunning example of FMG technical ceramics in a location which includes a restaurant, spa and venue for meetings and weddings.

The new wing at the resort, designed by architect Francesco Adobati, is constructed adjacent to the existing building and accommodates thirteen new rooms, in addition to the previous thirty-two, plus a spa on the ground floor equipped with numerous amenities.

For the pool area and walkways, the choice of surfaces fell on FMG’s Quarzite collection in Cenere, while Iris Ceramica porcelain tiles were used for the Spa as well as balconies.

The Quarzite collection’s ash color and highly tactile texture contrasts with the darker floor colors and blue of the water, creating a remarkably effective visual impact. A surface that accurately mirrors the typical flaking of the source of our inspiration, full-bodied and rich in the dazzling shades typical of its distinctive structure.

A second refurbishment involved the restaurant renovation, creating a completely new image. The project, by Architect Nisi Magnoni, to increase the number of seats was carried out in just a few months in 2020. Located in an exceptionally beautiful setting, the area now features large windows which create visual continuity between the interior and the landscape designed by Sandrini Green Architecture.

For the interior design of the Aroma restaurant, architect Nisi Magnoni used the exquisite Quarzite collection in Cenere natural finish, once again emphasizing the color contrast by using red furnishings.

Conversely, 75 x 75cm format Walk On tiles in Sand have been installed on the terrace for weddings. With its underlying elegance, this neutral shade maintains the sense of intimacy and warmth typical of the entire ambiance.

The selection of FMG materials also extends to the bathrooms, where 300 x 100 and 100 x 100cm large format Pietre MaxFine tiles, in Lavica Black, create an exceptionally elegant yet contemporary designer effect, with ambient lighting highlighting the surface’s beauty and reflections. Tiling that demonstrates the potential of porcelain tiles in a product with unrivaled performance and aesthetic style.