Studio: THG Arkitektar

The Iceland Parliament Hotel by Hilton is the new addition to the Hilton hotel chain, which recently opened in the city center of Reykjavik, not far from the Parliament.  Spread over a total area of 14,500 square meters, it is an impressive project in which old and new coexist, combining ancient architecture with a trendy design. It was a huge construction site: construction took about seven years to complete and workers from nearly 70 companies were involved every day, with up to 150 people of more than 10 different nationalities. The result is a luxury accommodation facility that is both an ode to Iceland’s capital city and a journey through Icelandic history.

The Iceland Parliament is made up of seven buildings, including three that are especially meaningful to citizens as they are historically and culturally valuable: the former telecommunications headquarters, the first secondary school for women in Iceland, and the Independence Hall. Other new buildings were added, which not only serve the purpose of connecting the buildings, but also increase the hotel’s capacity, which is 163 rooms.

The entire project was coordinated and managed by THG Arkitektar, one of Iceland’s leading architecture firms employing around 35 professionals:  from setting the goals of the investment groups to defining architectural style parameters, from space planning and layout to adapting and implementing the necessary structural and plant engineering systems, through to interior design.

From a stylistic perspective, the exteriors are clearly inspired by the city center’s architecture, which traditionally includes relatively small, low-rise buildings of different colors with sloping roofs. FMG Quarzite in the color Ghiaccio was chosen for the building envelope of some of the new parts of the hotel. With its natural-looking stone effect, blends in perfectly with the surrounding materials, including reinforced concrete, diorite in the historic buildings, and the metal ventilated façade.

Its eclectic interior design has a nice combination of matte and polished surfaces, alternating warm and cool shades, with custom-made furnishings, some of which in contrasting styles. FMG – along with other Iris Ceramica Group brands – was chosen for the wall coverings, with different products depending on the areas of use.

Today, on the first floor of the Iceland Telecom building – the telecommunications headquarters – there is a very stylish bar and a restaurant with an old-world ambience, where guests can marvel at the kitchen island, with its sleek, geometric shapes, clad with MaxFine Connemarble Irish. With an area of more than 500 square meters comprising new and pre-existing sections, this space is intended to offer an experiential journey with just a few places to walk through: it is open to the public and equipped to host events, exhibitions and installations. The use of the FMG Quarzite porcelain stoneware collection, with its velvety look and neutral shades, used for the floor in the gallery, which is accessible to the public, and on the large staircase, gives it a cozy and bright atmosphere.

Located on the lower level is a luxurious spa, including thermal baths, a sauna and steam baths, plus massage and wellness treatment rooms, which features Quarzite by FMG. Due to its low reflectivity and non-slip finish, it not only makes for an intimate and cozy ambience, but also offers comfort and functionality. MaxFine panels are applied to the walls, taking center stage: made using cutting-edge technology, they have a continuous surface and, with their large formats, offer an unparalleled seamless design. The chosen textures have a classical style, with marble and stone imitations that create exclusive, magnificent and refined settings. The panels, which were pre-cut to customized specifications in order to create different patterns, made it possible to achieve a very attractive end result and to significantly reduce waste from scrap, which is an important aspect on major construction sites.

Marmi MaxFine Travertino embellishes the walls of the reception area, drinking station, changing rooms and restrooms, massage cubicles, and the geothermal hot tub. With its mottled green, white and grey pattern, MaxFine Amazonite gives the Turkish bath, the cold water jet rooms, the reception desk and the wall behind it a distinctive character. The spa is complemented by a lounge that is sure to amaze with its enveloping MaxFine Onyx Malaga hues. In the fitness area, instead, the restroom entrance areas were customized with the dark metallic effects of the Iron Black collection.

On the top floors of the Iceland Telecom, the guest bedrooms have spacious en-suite bathrooms featuring Marmi MaxFine White Calacatta, which, with its elegant brightness and delicate texture, is used as a wall covering and as a shower and bathtub cladding.

In the Iceland Parliament Hotel, FMG has perfectly conveyed the idea of luxury hospitality, with high-quality technical ceramic solutions that stand out not only for their excellent technical performance, since they are resistant, durable, easy to maintain and sanitize, but also for their aesthetic appeal, which is ideal for sophisticated environments and a discerning international clientele.