HOTEL MONTE SARAGO - Ostuni (BR) - Italy

Architects: Domenico Sasso

Located just outside the historic center of Ostuni, an old factory dating back to the 1940s has been redeveloped to house Hotel Monte Sarago, a 4-star hotel with a breathtaking panoramic view of the old town skyline. The building was enlarged by Architect Domenico Sasso and now includes an exclusive spa facility and 30 new rooms.

An underground spa of approximately 400 square meters was built in the area once occupied by a cistern that was used to store oil and wine. With its harmonious and elegant ambience, the Lacus Spa has fully equipped treatment booths and a large swimming pool with hydromassage stations, showers, and a waterfall so that guests can enjoy the benefits of water.

In order to ensure utmost hygiene, since the hot and humid temperatures in the spa can cause fungi and bacteria to proliferate and spread, the flooring, walls and swimming pool were tiled with materials by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti. The Trax collection was chosen in the Dark color, in the 60x30 cm format and in three different finishes (Natural, Silky and Structured), in the Active Surfaces® version. By exploiting the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide combined with silver, the Active Surfaces®eco-active surfaces have antibacterial and antiviral properties (also effective against Covid-19), along with anti-pollution, anti-odor and self-cleaning properties. In addition to being certified to ISO standards and covered by two European patents, the four properties of these ceramic surfaces remain unchanged throughout their life cycle. Through exposure to light (natural or artificial) and moisture in the air, these surfaces are not only are self-cleaning, but also eliminate pollutants, bad odors and microbial agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds). The Active Surfaces® surfaces are sustainable too: in fact, they are recyclable and made from 40% recovered materials, which are recycled in zero-emission plants.

Trax Active Surfaces® allows spa guests to enjoy beauty treatments and relaxation experiences to the fullest in a healthier, protected, and more cozy environment.

Materials Applied