BIANCO RICCIO SUITE HOTEL - Savelletri di Fasano (BR) - Italy

Architects: Leonardo Cagnetta

The Bianco Riccio Hotel Suite in Apulia is an elegant 4-star hotel in the town center of Savelletri di Fasano, a traditional fishing village in the province of Brindisi. Fully renovated according to a design by Architect Leonardo Cagnetta, the hotel has now reopened to the public with 37 contemporary-designed suites featuring large panoramic terraces and all kinds of amenities.

For this hotel, nestled between the sea, the cliffs and the inland area, with its characteristic olive groves and vines, the architect designed fittings with natural effects and neutral hues, which perfectly complement the surrounding landscape. In keeping with this choice, the MaxFine Pietra Lavica surface by FMG, which is a reinterpretation of volcanic rock with the addition of a contemporary twist, was chosen for the ceramic tiling of the interior.

Maxfine Pietra Lavica, in the Beige color and in the 300x100 cm format, was used for the common areas of the hotel, including the lobby, along the hallways and for the stairs. Simple and elegant, it creates a pleasant and inviting ambience, visually connecting the interior with the exterior.

The surfaces by FMG were selected not only because of their aesthetic appeal and stylishness, but also because of the quality of the porcelain stoneware they are made of. They are extremely resistant to mechanical stress and chemical attacks, non-absorbent, and easy to clean and sanitize, which makes them ideal for common areas subject to stress and wear and tear. With their 6 mm thickness, they are not only easy to lay and handle, but are also practical, functional, and retain their properties over time.