Health Facilities


Architects: Arch. Giacomo Della Villa

FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti products stand out on the market for ceramic materials with their very high standards of performance and growing catalogue of surprising effects, colours and finishes.
This combination of technology and aesthetics makes FMG floor and wall coverings particularly appropriate for the hospitality industry and for all personal care and wellness facilities.
Spaces like these require not only ultra-high performance but properties such as easy maintenance, everyday hygiene and long-term durability.
These include Isokinetic’s advanced sports rehabilitation facility in Turin, a new facility opened by one of the world’s best-known and most appreciated sports medicine and orthopaedic rehabilitation brands, with FMG tiles in the entrance and reception area.
A landmark in European medicine, Isokinetic also leads the way in interior design, with a design by architect Giacomo della Villa shared by all its premises Italy and in London.
The Turin facility is located in the new Quadrato architectural project involving restoration of the historic convent of Sant’Agostino.
All the patient service areas, from the clinics to the pool and the Green Room, “a gym within a gym” where neuromotorial tests are conducted for the prevention of injuries, have a highly professional look which is at the same time fresh, dynamic and youthful, far removed from the image of the classic hospital facility.
The Iris Ceramica Group’s surfaces chosen for the entrance to Isokinetic’s Turin facility are tiles from the Marmi Select series, in the Crema Marfil Extra version with a natural finish, measuring 120x60 cm.
This choice is “ideal for the sense of cosiness and warmth it conveys at first glance”. The FMG marble effect picks up on the timeless beauty, style and unrivalled Italian culture of ceramics.
The Crema Marfil Extra variant is a prestigious design choice that captures attention right from the first glance and fills spaces with light and diffuse harmony.
The large size of the slabs and the slightly darker veins running across them make Crema Marfil Extra perfect for the entire space, with its image of warmth, serenity and energy.

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