Ampliamento Ospedale Lavagna

Ampliamento Ospedale Lavagna

Health Facilities

Ampliamento Ospedale Lavagna - Lavagna (GE) - Italy

Architects: Arch. Goretti

The hospital at Lavagna, in Liguria, is Health District 4's biggest care facility, has a level I Accident and Emergency department and offers a variety of specialist wards, including intensive care.
A new extension, designed by the architect Mr Goretti, has just been completed.
It involved the construction of a floor of in and out-patient facilities, delivering hotel-grade comfort while keeping within a preset budget.
The following is our interview with the project’s architect.
What were the project’s main challenges? Since the task was to add a floor to a part of the existing hospital building, we attempted not to create an area which would duplicate the one below but to design a zone with its own original character, while observing the structural constraints.
What were the chosen solutions? We varied the subdivision of the internal spaces, especially with regard to the en-suite toilets for each patient room.
The use of slanted walls leading into rooms improved access and turning spaces for stretchers within every single room.
What were the benefits achieved? More spacious rooms and more attractive interiors.
The choice of colours, mainly pastel shades, also made the rooms more restful and lighter.
What were the Customer’s needs and how did the choice of material fulfil them? Tough materials, easy to clean and disinfect, at low unit costs.
Which characteristics of the material best emphasised the context? Their shine.
How were the wall and floor coverings chosen? Which parameters did you consider essential (appearance, performance, production process, etc.
)? Attractive appearance, excellent performance, unit price.
We used a variety of materials in the project, including Ossidiana belonging to Rocce collection in size 30x60.
The ACTIVE Stream Almond series was produced exclusively for this contract in size 30x30cm for the in-patient rooms.
The works were overseen by Mr Goretti and undertaken by Dieci Costruzioni Srl.

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