How a floor is laid is of great importance. A well-laid floor enhances all the aesthetic qualities of the material used.


- Check that the bed (slab or concrete slab) is perfectly level, completely dry and smooth..
- Use a vacuum cleaner to carefully remove dust and residues.

Thanks to the constant chromatic harmony of slabs produced by Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, dry laying can be avoided and still have the most correct and pleasing floor layout.

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The Glue

After having chosen a suitable glue and having prepared it following the manufacturer’s instructions, spread the glue with a smooth spatula and then comb it with the tooth part

For slabs larger than 16 cm2 and for heavy traffic floors, a double layer of glue is advisable. This means wetting the back of the slab itself with the glue. This procedure prevents the possible creation of holes that could cause breakage.

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After about 24/48 hours you can proceed to grout. The laid floor must be cleaned carefully and then grouted all over its surface using a rubber spatula.

It is advisable to use colours similar to the floor, in order to obtain a harmonious end result.

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How to cut

It is necessary to use suitable, professional tools, always checking their cutting capacity and replacing worn parts when necessary. For accurate cutting use a traditional cutter, checking the state of the cutting wheel before starting.

For circular cutting, after having made a template (that is to say a pattern of the part to be cut), lay it on the part in question and transfer the shape with a pencil. Using a diamond-cutting disk, cut without exerting excessive pressure

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How to make holes

It is necessary to use a water milling cutter or a continuous crown diamond-cutting disk for porcelain tile and granite tiles.

After having pencilled - on the back of the slab - the perimeter of a square within which the hole must be made, use the cutting tool to cut perpendicular and diagonal lines and then concentric circles towards the outside.

When the central thickness of the hole has become very thin, turn the slab over and open up the hole by tapping lightly.

For holes in tiles a diamond points drill for granite must be used. It is important to remember to cool the points often while working.

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