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Maxfine porcelain maxi-slabs
go beyond the barriers of size.

Porcelain maxi-slabs reconcile aesthetic pleasure with the demands of engineering. For architecture that becomes furniture. Materials of great strength and robustness with reduced thickness to keep them lightweight. Materials adapted to suit all kinds of needs, not only floors and walls, but furnishings and finishes.

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Marble Effect

Floor and wall coverings that look like marble. Iris FMG makes its mark, inspired by the timeless beauty of marble. Classic and modern at the same time, it is the perfect material for adding character, exclusiveness and elegance to any interior!

Stone Effect

Floors and walls that look like stone. Where advanced technology meets nature. Skilful combinations of different materials to stand out in the design of today's interiors and exteriors.

Concrete Effect

Cement-like floor and wall tiles. The simplicity of the material covers spaces with surfaces that look like cement. A material made by nature and man, an innovative look and advanced technical properties together to customise spaces with design and elegance.

Granit Effect

Granite-like floor and wall coverings. Man-made materials inspired by nature. A flexible, versatile response of superior quality offering outstanding aesthetic results.


Furnishings to suit all your needs.

Strength plus light weight, enormous sizes and thinness.

Solutions for every room in the home and office. From the bathroom to the living room, from the shower stall to the bookshelf, any item of furniture can combine the pleasures of design with the needs of construction.

Discover Maxfine


  • Batimat Russia | Moscow (RU)
    3-6 April 2018

  • Salone del Mobile | Milano (IT)
    17-22 April 2018

  • Cersaie | Bologna (IT)
    24-28 September 2018




SpazioFMG per l’Architettura is opening an exhibition entitled “Sezioni. L’Architettura italiana per la Divina Commedia” in which 70 Italian architects of different generations are invited to interpret the symbolic and narrative world of Dante. The exhibition, curated by Luca Molinari with the assistance of Chiara Ingrosso, opens on Thursday, 14 December, confirming the Milanese gallery’s willingness to go beyond the field of design and approach various different areas of human endeavour related to architecture.

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