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The first edition of Brera Design Days is coming up October 1st through October 9th, 2016: a series of meetings, exhibitions and workshops focusing on the theme of “innovation, on the web and in the community”.
Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti and Iris Ceramica will be MAIN SPONSORS of the event. FMG provided materials for the renovation of the back part of the Brera Mediateque, which had been unused for about two years and is now operated by Pinacoteca di Brera, the public art gallery in Milan.

The Mediateque, composed of a 120 seat conference room, a dining area with a garden, a central room for workshops and co-design projects, an exhibition area, a courtyard and several smaller multipurpose spaces, will be the centre of Brera Design Days.

With the arrival of new Director James Bradburne, 59, a British-Canadian museum specialist well-known in Italy for having been Director General of Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, the Mediateque is to be revived with a series of structural renovations and cultural initiatives. FMG will contribute to the project by helping give the Mediateque’s inner courtyard a facelift.

FMG’s product development labs created special porcelain slabs in the Maxfine range for the renovation project, which will be used to cover the wall of the inner garden, over 20 metres long. The project requires big slabs measuring 300x150 cm on which laser graphics will be used to create a design representing Milan’s metro system.
The outdoor pavement of the Mediateque bar will be replaced with FMG’s 60x60 cm “Pietra di Modica” slabs.

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